MGA Games launches Aladdin-themed slot

MGA Games, a leading provider of online casino slots in Spain, has launched the slot machine Los 3 Deseos de Aladino.


This latest product takes players on a new adventure, this time in Agrabah. MGA Games has significantly improved the usability of its games on any device. The Triple View designs, with ergonomic buttons and adaptive menus, make it easy for users to enter the game and help Aladdin and his monkey find the genie’s lamp and face the sultan.

In addition, sequential loading improves the immediacy of the slot. Every corner of Agrabah, from the streets of the market to the palace of Princess Jasmine, are shown in detail on all types of devices and screens, without losing quality in graphics and reducing waiting times to the minimum.

Los 3 Deseos de Aladino also includes four mini games that entertain and motivate players to follow Aladdin on his adventures. Together they will get the magic lamp at the bazaar and fulfil their wishes to release the genie, win over the princess and, in the end, obtain the wealth of the sultan. Players can win prizes of up to €10,000 with minimum bets of €0.20 and maximum bets of €10.

MGA Games general manager José Antonio Giacomelli explains: “At MGA Games, we are pioneers in the development of online slot games. We offer operators a comprehensive, personalised service, from the implementation of the game on the online casino platform to consultancy on the marketing and product promotion strategies, as well as continuous customer support service.

“Our launches also tend to coincide with current events or themes that are easily recognisable to the users,” concluded Giacomelli in reference to Disney’s most recent film adaptation of Aladdin.